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Practice IELTS Spelling Tests & Quizzes

In this section, you can find IELTS spelling tests and IELTS Spelling exercises. There are six different tests, and they all have their individual questions in them. We aimed to put the most typical IELTS exam spelling mistakes for this section and sourced them from various IELTS's resources.

Practice Academic - Advanced Spelling Tests & Quizzes

As you can understand from the title, we include vocabulary that makes students suffer on the Academic and Advanced Spelling Tests. In this section, you can find six different tests and more than 60 words in these tests. We specifically used some of the words twice as they are common regardless of whether you're a native speaker or not. Good luck!

Practice Spelling Rules Spelling Tests & Quizzes

Foreseeable? Noticeable? Were they like foreseable? Noticable? The draft version of these long words is corrected by Microsoft Word; however, there is no neither a grammar checker tool nor Microsoft Word in the exam. Even though it won't hurt you in real life, Spelling Rules mistakes could be harsh on the exam for you, and, you know, it doesn’t look impressive when you make these kinds of small mistakes in a 500-word essay! Would you like to improve your spelling rules with our Spelling Tests? Take the tests beloe-w!

Practice Commonly Misspelled Words Spelling Tests & Quizzes

I'm not too fond of these words, seriously. Definitely and separately are just two examples from these words, and we have collected 30 of them on the below tests. Commonly Misspelled Words can be real nightmares for both native speakers and second language learners; however, practice makes perfect! Commonly misspelled words spelling tests are waiting for your attention!

Practice Misspelled Prefixes and Suffixes Spelling Tests & Quizzes

Honestly, I spelled prefixes wrong when I first started typing this sentence! It just goes to show that we all need some practice with Spelling Exercises. We have 30 beautiful prefixes and suffixes questions for now, but we intend to add more as soon as possible, like disproportionate. Misspelled prefixes and suffixes are a big problem for everyone who works on the English language. That is why we also added a description of them in the tests. So, while you take your misspelled prefixes and suffixes Spelling Tests, you can also learn their meanings. Isn't that cool? No. Good luck with them.

Practice Commonly Misspelled Adjectives Spelling Tests & Quizzes

Adjectives are good and they make our life better. However, some of them also make us upset and frustrated…such as exuberant. Okay, maybe we chose a weird vocabulary word for the example, but you know what we mean. It is important to be aware of commonly misspelled adjectives. For now, we have 3 Misspelled Adjectives Spelling Tests, but more of them are coming.

Practice Misspelled Food Names Spelling Tests & Quizzes

One of my colleagues was underestimating the misspelled food name spelling tests, but wow was he ever wrong. Maybe it was because he was a person who is around his 40s' or maybe he’s just not that into food. Misspelled food names spelling tests are great for young language learners as well as second language learners. We wanted to keep the number of tests lower for now, though we are open new ideas as usual

Practice Misspelled Job Names Spelling Tests & Quizzes

Well, I think Misspelled Job Names Spelling Tests are one of the best among the list. They are easy, chill, and sweet! There are currently 30 questions and three different tests. To be honest, we don't want to add more misspelled job names spelling tests, but we are open to new ideas both from tutors and students.

Practice Misspelled Weather Names Spelling Tests & Quizzes

This one was tough. Not because of the words, but their meanings. I’ve always found them a bit confusing ever since from my primary school days. We tried to keep them simple and clear; however, they might not be. Misspelled weather names spelling tests might be a bit harder – for anyone. There are only 20 questions and two tests, but we would seriously suggest you be careful when you use words like foggy, humid, smoky, and others. Especially if you're not a native speaker.

Practice Advanced - Formal Language Spelling Tests & Quizzes

In this section, we added Advanced formal language words spelling tests. There are 60 questions and six tests. We believe these are enough; however, we can add more. Advanced formal language words can be hard, but easy to learn if you realize most of them are in our daily life with slightly different meanings.

Practice Advanced - Business English Spelling Tests & Quizzes

Business English, business English. What is this Business English? People like to exaggerate things, and Business English is one of them. Even though your level is around intermediate, you can easily understand and start to work on Business English Vocabulary. Moreover, they are not hard!There are 60 questions and six tests that you can start immediately. Let us know if you have any problems with them! Check out our Advanced Business English Spelling Tests

Practice Misspelled Health Names Spelling Tests & Quizzes

Here are the misspelled health names. We put some unnecessary misspelled health names that you might need in the future, maybe now. Yeah, we know! They are unnecessary when you're young and if you're not a student who has to spell them properly. If you are a student, jump over to the first test now!

Practice Misspelled Clothes Names Spelling Tests & Quizzes

Imagine that you're writing a 1000 word essay, and you wrote "accessories" wrong. Great essay structures, hundreds of days of hard work, and a great effort just ruined due to misspelled clothes names. Don't underestimate them! There are just twenty questions. Start working now!

Practice Misspelled Sport Names Spelling Tests & Quizzes

Everyone likes sport. However, some sports words might be confusing -sometimes boring. All of us do the things that we don't want to do. So, please don't procrastinate on this Misspelled Sports Names spelling test. There are just 30 questions, probably not more than 20 minutes. So, click on one of the links below and start improving your English!

Practice Misspelled Advanced Adjectives Spelling Tests & Quizzes

As we promised, here is the misspelled advanced adjectives. This topic is critical so we added 60 new Misspelled Adjectives. You already know how important they are... we don't need to nag about them! So start doing misspelled advanced adjectives spelling tests today!

Practice Misspelled Advanced Prefixes and Suffixes Spelling Tests & Quizzes

Apart from the 30 Prefixes and Suffixes above, we prepared these 60 beautiful and magnificent spelling exercises for you. Magnificent? These are different because we just included Misspelled Advanced Prefixes and Suffixes. I had a lousy joke above about Prefixes and Suffixes; you can check it out if you have that free time.

Misspelled Numbers Spelling Tests & Quizzes

You can practice numbers spelling tests and quizssez below.

Misspelled City Names Spelling Tests & Quizzes

You can practice city names spelling tests and quizssez below.