About Us

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We are three enthusiastic English learners who like to solidify their language learning efforts with this beautiful project. As second language learners, we don't claim that we can teach you English; however, we know other second language learners' pain, especially regarding the spelling part of the English language. Along the way, we learned and experienced a lot, and this website is a mix of both our professional skills and language learning efforts. While the spelling exercise part focuses on adult spelling tests and exercises, the blog part is usually about the general language learning experience. So, we are here to share our experience and the things we have learned.

Who are we?

Paul S. Goral - Founder

Paul is a digital marketing specialist and entrepreneur. He's been living in Australia for the last two years and is responsible for the general marketing operation of spelling-test.com.

Ugur Yildiz - Software Developer

He built this website so he's a software magician and tough tasks guy. Give him the impossible and just sit back and watch the magic.

Atakan Kara - Project Manager

Atakan is the project manager of spelling-test.com. He is responsible for maintaining the tasks and making sure everybody does their job.

Joanne Rudling - Howtospell.co.uk

If we are talking about spelling, Joanne's the person. Her great assets on the internet and her books demonstrate that. It's no doubt that her professional experience in this area helped us make the product the best on the web.

Shannon Sapolich – English Teacher

Shannon is a CELTA-certified English teacher who provided insight and feedback for the site from an educator perspective. She currently teaches students from around the world online and her all-time favorite teaching gig was on the Galapagos Islands.