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You can create your own true and false test worksheets in minutes with this tool. We always listen to your suggestions. This fill in the blank worksheet generator have been requested by many tutors and we believe that it will help teachers around the world.

You can change the template (design) of your PDF file and create your own unique fill in the blank test with this tool easily in seconds. Fill in the blank test worksheet maker is 100% free and printable.

1- The title section is your test’s title, which you can change above.

2- Each input is for one sentence or word. If you want to create a new input field, please click on the green add button.

4- Once you click on the green add button, the system creates a new input field where you can type your sentences.

5- You can create unlimited options, but we can't guarantee good alignment and design views..

6- You can add unlimited sentences, but we suggest you not create more than 20 words/spelling test sentences.

7- Once you click on the Download True & False Worksheet button, you’ll see three choices. Pick one of them and create an account.

8- Once you have created an account, you’ll be able to download your generated true & false worksheet.

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10- If you want to create your own fill in the blank tests, check our article here.

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