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In addition to providing other sales and services, uses affiliate links as part of its revenue model.

This means that if you use our website to click through to an external site and apply for your online teaching job, language course, or purchase a product, we may receive a commission.

If you click one of our affiliate links and navigate through to an external website, any information you submit there is subject to that site's privacy policy. It does not cost you anything by clicking the affiliate links on our site. Nor does it cause you to lose any potential revenue.

If you click an affiliate link on our site, are taken to an external site, but fail to complete the application on the external site, the cookie associated with that affiliate link may be stored in your browser anywhere from 30 to 365 days, depending on the external site’s policy.

In plain terms, it means that if you click an affiliate link on our site to apply for an online teaching job, are taken to an external site but then do not complete the application, the cookie may remain in your browser history for some time.
If you then try to apply to that same job at a later date, using another person’s affiliate link, it may not get attributed to that new person. That is because the cookie from our affiliate link is still saved in your browsing history.

Unfortunately, this is not something we control. The time period for the cookie being saved is set by the external website, not us.

You should be able to remedy this by clearing your browser history (ensuring you also clear cookies) and then clicking on the new affiliate link you want to use.

In the unusual case that this does not work, you may want to try also applying with a different e-mail address.

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