Do you want to improve your spelling
as well as your listening?

Everyone focuses on studying the big parts of English

such as grammar, reading, writing, etc. will boost your English learning passion

and this tool will increase your chance of success.

With time you will feel that you can easily pronunce hard words

time and most importantly understand what someone pronunces during a conversation

There are many global exams which ask for pronunciation during the exam.

We are helping students to improve their spelling/pronunciation skills.

Why Is Spelling So Important?

Whether English is your native language or not, learning to spell words properly is essential to good communication and a great first impression. Spelling creates semantic standards for the world so people understand one another when language is written down. Someone who is able to spell well improves their communication, appears more intelligent, and seems more credible.

Communication is the most important feature of being able to spell. Misunderstandings occur between people when they cannot communicate properly. While you might be able to communicate in person through body language and facial expressions, you only have your words while writing.

If you are trying to become proficient in English – or another language – it can be difficult to sound credible. Credibility is how much someone trusts and believes you. Humans naturally find others who sound intelligent to be more credible because they are associated with education and knowledge. If you are working on your spelling for a job, a degree, or even just for daily life, being able to write improves how others will perceive you. is here to help you with its free spelling tests and free spelling exercises.

Being credible affects everything in life. When you apply for a job, there is someone reading the resumes who decides who gets an interview. If this person can’t read your writing, they will not call you. If you are applying for school, poor spelling can make you less likely to get admitted or receive academic scholarships. If you want to write a book or communicate better with your coworkers, having clear spelling makes you easier to understand.

Spelling used to not be standardized. It was hard for people to understand each other even if they spoke the same language. But simple tools like those on spelling exercise can help you learn how to spell common words like numbers, city names, phone numbers, and complex words.