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Of course, these types of pots are also breakable.

Wood and tin are more durable than glass or some of the plastics, and antique toys made from wood and metals are usually in better condition than those made from tin, glass and other breakable materials.

Women whose nails are weak and easily breakable may feel more comfortable with a strong fake nail over their natural one.

If other children are in the home, don't choose a fragile or breakable keepsake, as you want it to endure through the years, rather than end up in pieces days after it's received.

Well, logic will tell you that Cinderella couldn't have sprinted home in time to meet her curfew in real glass shoes and Wonder Woman couldn't have made emergency landings in a breakable aircraft.

Giving a breakable tea set to a very young child isn't very practical, which is why you'll find so many toy tea sets made of plastic.

Unlike other breakable carafes, the Pro series utilizes a polycarbonate container and a dishwasher safe removable jar lid.

If games may become active, all breakable items, trip hazards, and other obstacles should be removed from the area to be sure it is safe.

Guests are also encouraged to leave all loose, valuable, or breakable items such as cell phones, keys, cameras, and sunglasses in a locker or with a non-rider for safety.

Many women aren't into sentimental knickknacks or breakable trinkets that must be kept away from a baby's curious hands.

breakable object within 40 seconds.

Remove breakable items from shelves and tables.

Caution: remove anything breakable from the TV viewing area, including items on top of TV.

The Alarm is the only slight quibble, with it looking really really breakable!

breakable crust on the snow needing care.

breakable glasses or crockery in or around the pool.

breakable items or getting the pup out the door fast enough.

breakable wall.

breakable material - such as glass or ceramic - are not allowed for health and safety reasons.

The clips holding it in place are brittle and easily breakable.