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Howard gave him a strange look.

We're seeing something strange out here.

What a strange coincidence!

I don't want her to wake up in a strange room and not be able to find us.

Since the woman used a strange idiom, the young kids did not understand her.

The strange note was in his voice again.

Rachel was giving Julie a strange look.

A strange feeling of excitement filled her as she watched him.

"How strange!" she exclaimed, drawing a long breath.

He gave her a strange look and nodded as he lowered his frame to the sofa.

He gave her a strange look and secured the door.

Bianca concentrated on the strange pain.

Suddenly the strange sound of a far-off whistling and thud was heard, followed by a boom of cannon blending into a dull roar that set the windows rattling.

When I visit many strange countries my brother and Mildred will stay with grandmother because they will be too small to see a great many people and I think they would cry loud on the great rough ocean.

Isn't it strange how babies can draw people together?

With this thought in mind the girl took heart and leaned her head over the side of the buggy to see where the strange light was coming from.

It seems strange that people should marvel at what is really so simple.

A strange odour came up from the earth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I was surprised to notice a strange look on Martha's face.

Like I said, Russie's mother was always strange, but after Dad died, she really became eccentric.