V2 (spelt/spelled)

V3 (spelt/spelled)


" "


I think you put a spell on me, sweetheart.

Like Dracula, he was putting her under his spell again.

The spell lasts twenty four hours, but it works.

He loves to climb much better than to spell, but that is because he does not know yet what a wonderful thing language is.

The spell was broken like a dropped mirror on a marble floor.

"How do you spell your last name, officer?" she asked the leader of the pack.

Here, let me spell you.

She was quiet, weaving a second spell into the crystal.

However, we knew a careless word overheard could spell our doom.

You have to stop putting that spell on them.

She was about to summon a spell to clear the sidewalk completely when she recalled she wasn't able to use her power anymore.

He was too strong for her to place the spell on him without him agreeing at least in part.

She wasn't going to fall under the spell of Gabriel's strong body, his passion, his taste.

Her demon stirred in lazy agitation, as if still under the spell of Jame.

I stopped using it only after I had learned to spell the word on my fingers.

The resident, Freytag, was not a very wise person (though he probably did not, as Voltaire would have it, spell "poesie" "poeshie"); constant references to Frederick were necessary; and the affair was prolonged so that Madame Denis had time to join her uncle.

The extent and glamour of his empire exercised a potent spell on western Europe.

Everyone at headquarters was still under the spell of the day's council, at which the party of the young had triumphed.

President Roosevelt had little difficulty last spring in making Miss Keller understand him, and especially requested Miss Sullivan not to spell into her hand.

The second spell will teach you mercy.