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In 1958, with smallpox still killing two million people a year, the World Health Organization pledged to eradicate it.

She contracted smallpox at the age of 33.

Smallpox has been with us for thousands of years.

In 1733-1734 there was a dreadful epidemic of smallpox, which destroyed a great number of the people.

Bilious remittent fever occurs in the summer months, and smallpox prevails from November to March.

The climate is unhealthy - fever, smallpox, dysentery and rheumatism being the prevailing diseases.

The climate is unhealthy - fever, smallpox, dysentery and rheumatism being the prevailing diseases.

Hospitals.-The Metropolitan Asylums Board, though established in 1867 purely as a poor-law authority for the relief of the sick, insane Metro- and infirm paupers, has become a central hospital authority for infectious diseases, with power to receive into politan its hospitals persons, who are not paupers, suffering from Asylums fever, smallpox or diphtheria.

After variolation, sometimes people died from the smallpox they caught.

The death-rate is high, especially among children, owing to the prevalence of cholera, smallpox and fevers during the dry weather.

At the age of twelve he fell ill of smallpox, but his parents showed little or no interest in his recovery.

In 1772 he sailed for London to visit Friends in the north of England, especially Yorkshire, and died in York of smallpox on the 7th of October.

From 1886 he was forced by ill-health to spend much of his time abroad, and he died of smallpox Alicante on the 16th of March 1892, while on a tour in Spain.

On landing (October 2) at Cape Coast, Wolseley found the Ashanti, who had been decimated by smallpox and fever, preparing to return home.

In 1724 the population was reduced by smallpox to thirty souls.

The Malays formerly suffered severely from smallpox epidemics, but in the portion of the peninsula under British rule vaccination has been introduced, and the ravages of the disease no longer assume serious dimensions.

Epidemics of smallpox and typhoid occur; and leprosy, imported from the Orange River and Cape Colonies, has taken firm hold on the Basuto, of whom about 9r per too() are sufferers from this disease.

In November he caught smallpox and was very seriously ill, so that the book was not given to the world till the spring of 1724 (and then of course, as it had no privilege, appeared privately).

For smallpox the Board maintains hospital ships moored in the Thames at Dartford, and a land establishment at the same place.

had been crowded with wounded from the first, and now, owing to the persistent wet weather, smallpox and dysentery became epidemic. Towards the close of September rations had to be reduced, and the troops began slaughtering the cavalry horses for food.