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James caused it to be burned by the common hangman, and forbade its perusal under the 'severest penalties, complaining bitterly at the same time to Philip III.

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In this computerized version of this classic game, try to figure out the mystery word before the hangman figure is completed.

Under the general law against heresy their books were burnt by the hangman, they were searched for signs of witchcraft, they were imprisoned for five weeks and then sent away.

His corpse, after suffering every indignity, was quartered by the public hangman, and burnt with dung by the Romanist soldiers.

(7) A Letter from a Person of Quality to his Friend in the Country, published in 1875 (included by Des Maizeaux in his Collection of Several Pieces of Mr John Locke's, 1720), and soon afterwards burned by the common hangman by orders from the House of Lords, was disavowed by Locke himself.

It could not be proved that he had ordered the printing, and all Frederick could do was to have the pamphlet burnt by the hangman.

On the 18th of this month he moved that the Engagement, with the Solemn League and Covenant, should be burned by the hangman.

being still more free and personal in its satire than those which had preceded it, it was immediately ordered to be burned by the common hangman.

The Sorbonne condemned the book, the priests persuaded the court that it was full of the most dangerous doctrines, and the author, terrified at the storm he had raised, wrote three separate retractations; yet, in spite of his protestations of orthodoxy, he had to give up his office at the court, and the book was publicly burned by the hangman.

My wife was as nervous as a hangman's customer.

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She was then made to climb a ladder draped in black cloth, whilst the hangman climb a ladder draped in black cloth, whilst the hangman climbed a ladder beside her.

draped in black cloth, whilst the hangman climbed a ladder beside her.

They escape the hangman twice only to find themselves in a town under siege.

On the question board at Bawarla, I brought along a test and we played hangman.

A fifth, Louis Lingg, cheated the hangman by killing himself in prison.

I soon learned why Christina (the previous gapper) had left a note saying leave hangman as a last resort.

Johnson did see the hangman on the 15th December 1925.

Baby farmer Amelia Dyer is set to face the hangman 's noose for the murder of a baby.