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The Romans and Italians had an indigenous drama of their own, known by the name of Satura, which prepared them for the reception of the more regular Greek drama.

In all of thirty minutes, some sort of drama would emerge once the inhabitants awoke.

She felt almost human again after the drama of her week.

He didn't need this type of drama, and she was too good for a man like him in her life.

A repeated perusal of this drama suggests the judgment that it is overpraised when ranked at no great distance from Shakespeare's national dramas.

he wrote the article Drama, and biographies of Ben Jonson and other dramatists; and he became an important contributor to the present work.

The taurobolium was probably a sacred drama symbolizing the relations of the Mother and Attis (q.v.).

"Don't have time, don't want the drama," he replied and swiped his T-shirt from the ground.

This the Latin drama first received from Livius Andronicus; but it did so at the cost of its originality.

Again, the appeal to " God's judgment " in the trial by battle in Lohengrin is a subject of which no earlier librettist could have made more than a plausible mess - which is the best that can be said for the music as music. But as dramatist Wagner compels our respect for the power that without gloss or apology brings before us the king, a model of royal fair-mindedness and good-nature, acquiescing in Telramund's monstrous claim to accuse Elsa without evidence, simply because it is a hard and self-evident fact that the persons of the drama live in an age in which such claims seemed reasonable.

Making his way to the first floor, Jackson noticed he was feeling weary from all this drama, and also a little hungry.

His drama, Franz von Sickingen, published in 1859, is a work of no poetic value.

Krehbiel, Studies in the Wagnerian Drama (1891); Jessie L.

The manager having brought the drama to a close and stripped the actor shows him to us.

As a sonnet writer none stands higher than Paul Szemere, known also for his rendering of Korner's drama Zrinyi (1818), and his contributions to the Elet es Literatura (Life and Literature).

From 1814 to 182S Moratin lived in Italy and France, compiling a work on the early Spanish drama (Origenes del teatro espanol).

Even in Calidas' drama of Sacontala, we read of "rills dyed yellow with the golden dust of the lotus."

Its Stadt-Theater, rebuilt in 1874, has room for 1750 spectators and is particularly devoted to operatic performances; the Thalia-Theater dates from 1841, and holds 1700 to "Soo people, and the Schauspielhaus (for drama) from 1900 people, and there are some seven or eight minor establishments.

Aside from drama, it was going to take half an eternity to straighten out the underworld without the distraction of a woman in his life.

As drama it stood immeasurably above any opera since Cherubini's Medee.