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Daisy knows her way back.

Daisy is happy, but she would be happy ever if she had a little mate.

perennis flore-pleno, the Double Daisy, consists of dwarf showy plants 3 to 4 in.

P. uliginosum is the "great ox-eye daisy" that flowers in September and October.

Contracted or shortened form(Capitulum), Daisy,Dandelion, Scabious.

2, i), as in marigold, dandelion, daisy, artichoke.

(Armeria vulgaris), double daisy (Bellis perennis), gentianella.

This corolla occurs in many composite plants, as in the florets of dandelion, daisy and chicory.

In the summer of 1851 was made the tour in Italy, of which The Daisy is the immortal record.

Then I shall see you, and dear Mr. Bell, and Elsie and Daisy again!

The sterile bracts of the daisy occasionally produce capitula, and give rise to the hen-and-chickens daisy.

Buffon remarked that the same temperature might have been expected, all other circumstances being equal, to produce the same beings in different parts of the globe, both in the animal and vegetable kingdoms. Yet lawns in the United States are destitute of the common English daisy, the wild hyacinth of the woods of the United Kingdom is absent from Germany, and the foxglove from Switzerland.

grandiflora; the double Bellis perennis or Daisy; the Wallflowers, including Cheiranthus Cheiri (the Common Wallflower), C. alpina and C. Marshallii; Hepaticas, the principal of which are the varieties of H.

A hideous tale is told by Buchanan against his private morals, but it is certainly inaccurate in detail, and is uncorroborated, while it appears to turn on a confusion between an alleged royal mistress, " the Daisy," and Margaret (Daisy), the king's own sister.

I'm thinking Daisy Duke outfit, and that song for my Christmas lap dance.

Is this a sunflower that's taller than me or like, a daisy?

Is this a sunflower that's taller than me or like, a daisy?

15), a compound spike, as in rye-grass, a compound spadix, as in some palms, and a compound capitulum, as in the hen-and-chickens daisy.

Daisy knows her way back.

The chore of driving the sleigh took little concentration, as Daisy was far more adept at her assignment than the driver.