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It's just a black snake.

A black cloud seemed to cover the earth.

Matthew had thick black hair, but Natalie's was blonde.

Another rider appeared on a black horse.

A quick glance through the window revealed the black car stopping beside the building.

He was dressed in black, and had a very pleasant face.

The golden brown skin and black hair reminded her of the conversation at Thanksgiving.

As they entered the Indian encampment, hostile black eyes turned to follow them.

He was wearing a hoodie and dressed in black, including gloves.

It looked like the envelope the man in the black car had given him.

She had large brown eyes with thick black lashes and matching hair that was stacked becomingly on top of her head.

Her jet black hair was swept up gracefully into a plaited crown.

Cupped in his hand was a tiny black kitten, its eyes still closed.

Long dark lashes and black curly hair - he had it all.

Then he remained silent for a while, and all at once looked cheerfully with his glittering, black eyes at Rostov.

Her hair was drawn back severely into a bun and she had black eyes that could render a lie detector machine obsolete.

A thousand thought and memories shuffled through my brain like black jack deck.

Below them was a vast space, at the bottom of which was a black sea with rolling billows, through which little tongues of flame constantly shot up.

The black eyes softened slightly.

She was silently thanking the heavens for rescuing her, until one of the men in black entered the garage and began shooting the downed men a second time around.