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The kidnapper was the child's mother, a drug addict, who no longer had custody and tried to spirit her daughter away.

In an interview for Playgirl magazine, done over a decade ago, Duchovny addressed the rampant rumor that he was addicted to the more carnal pleasures in life with an emphatic "I am not a sex addict."

However, if the family and friends of the alcoholic or addict are able to organize themselves beforehand and follow a few simple intervention tips, it can calm the participants and increase the chance of holding a successful intervention.

For anyone mildly interested in the genre, this should make you a hardcore addict!

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I have also seen young lives and brilliant minds ruined by the addict's need for more narcotics.

However, having this brain disease does not absolve the addict of responsibility for his or her behavior, but it does explain why many addicts cannot stop using drugs by sheer force of will alone.

The main goal of the session is to break through self-denial barriers and diversion that family victims have been practicing, and to make the addict aware of the impact their addiction is having on their loved ones and significant others.

One family member or friend may initiate the idea of an intervention, but if there is not significant buy-in from the rest of the addict or alcoholic's support system, the intervention may not work.

Damon had appeared in eleven other films before winning his first Oscar, but it was his role as a heroin addict veteran in 1996's Courage Under Fire that won him the respect and admiration of many powerhouse actors.

Trailer Addict is always a source of the latest movie trailers, and of course that's also where you'll find a feature trailer for the movie in addition to a long thread of commentary from fans.

Denton has played Mike Delfino since the show's inaugural season, during which time the character became a victim of a hit and run, suffered from amnesia, became a drug addict, gotten married, and became a father.

The game combines all of the intricacies of the mobster mythos - families, big bosses, wars, missions - with a game play that is easy enough to occupy both the casual user and the game addict.

The kidnapper was the child's mother, a drug addict, who no longer had custody and tried to spirit her daughter away.

I can reveal self-confessed sex addict Russell Brand, 31, is after her.

Everyone knew that Mavis was a hopeless drug addict.

He had been a follower of Confucius and an opium addict and his wife had demonic problems.

I love reading and writing, watching movies and, to my shame, I am a hopeless telly addict, especially soaps!

Also worrying is one of the fathers is a 38 year old gambling addict living with his parents.

Caesareanple is a woman in labor refusing a cesarean; or a pregnant drug addict who will not give up drugs.