Searching for a safe space for your English-speaking practice online?

Do you need more English-speaking practice online? We have found the best sites for you to practice speaking with native speakers from around the world!

You have been attending classes, completing activities, exercises and practice work, yet when you open your mouth to speak…nerves take over.  You are left speechless. 

This is a common scenario for many second language learners. You are not alone in your struggle. But what is it about speaking a second language that gets you all tongue-tied?

Confidence. I have known many high achieving students at all levels of learning allow their confidence to play hide and seek when they try to speak English.

So, how can you improve your confidence?

There is only one way. Practice. The English expression “practice makes perfect” is true!

But where can you go for your English-speaking practice online

Read on to find out!

The pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for education around the world. Many educators have taken to the worldwide web. This wave of change from in-person to online is great news for you. Why? Because now all of your English-speaking practice needs can be met at the click of a button. The opportunities for English-speaking practice online have never been better, more accessible or varied.

Why choose the online route? 

For me, there is nothing better than being able to learn from the comfort of my own home, in my pyjamas with a nice hot drink, preferably caffeinated. The convenient, comfortable, informal nature of English-speaking practice online is a big plus.

If learning at home is not your chosen option due to work and study commitments, then online learning presents the opportunity to learn on the go. 

Got a free 30 minutes during your lunch break? Just jump on your phone, tablet or laptop and connect with a native speaker to practice with.

The sites covered in this article operate 24/7 wherever you are in the world. Anxious about a test or interview you have the next day and can’t sleep?  Even at 3am these sites will have someone available for you and your English-speaking practice online

Worried about the cost of these sites? Don’t be! The language exchange websites mentioned below are free online. The other online English-speaking learning sites will charge you a fee, but this is usually set by the individual tutor or as a multiple lesson package.

Sites offering speaking practice will show you how to practice English speaking online and how to learn English pronunciation in your speaking, 100% online and with real people.

Nervous about making mistakes? That’s the whole point of practice and is the only way you will ever improve. The native speakers you connect with online will provide authentic feedback to take you to the next level.

Take changes, make mistakes.

That’s how you grow.

~ Mary Tyler Moore

13 Best Websites to Practice Speaking English (Free and Paid)

We have compiled 13 Best Websites to Practice speaking English. While some of them are free, others are paid but before you jump on the list we have only one thing to say.

Choose a platform, language exchange site, app, one of each or multiples of all!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

1. Cambly

Sign Up Cambly Now

Looking for a platform that offers 1 to 1 tailored English-speaking practice online with native speakers?

Cambly is one of the top online English-speaking learning sites. Choose from basic, intermediate or advanced conversation topic bundles. Practice your speaking skills and topics for the IELTS and TOEFL, English for Professional Development, or choose from their comprehensive list of conversation topics.

Cambly offer 1 month, 3 month, or 12-month subscriptions with unlimited access to their resources and tutors. Choose a regular tutor to practice with or try a different one each time.

Their 12-month subscription is only $130.

There is an app available for IOS and Android for you to download to your phone or tablet.

See the offers now!

2. iTalki

Sign Up iTalki Now

Want an online English-speaking learning site that doesn’t require a paid subscription?

Italki has a large catalogue of online tutors from around the world. Unlike Cambly, you can simply pay per lesson. Italki will even provide a free 30-minute trial lesson with your chosen Tutor. After the free online trial, prices vary from $3-$20 per hour. Tutors will tailor lessons to your goals and interests.

Italki also has a handy app for both IOS and Android so you can learn on the go. An added feature is the Italki community where you can connect with tutors and other language learners free online.

3. Preply

Sign Up Preply Now!

Like Italki, Preply provides you with access to tutors who will design and tailor 1 to 1 lessons to suit your needs. You can search their catalogue of tutors or submit a request detailing your needs, and a tutor will find you.

Like Italki, you can benefit from a free online trial with a tutor before committing to a paid lesson. Tutor prices start from around $5 per hour.

Like Cambly, Preply asks you to purchase learning packages of 5-20 hours.

Like other platforms, Preply has an app for both IOS and Android. 

See the offers now!

4. Lingoda

Sign Up Lingoda Now

If you are still in the early stages of looking into English-speaking practice online, Lingoda is the platform for you. They offer a 7-day trial worth $50 with no commitment to paid lessons afterwards.

You can choose group lessons or 1 to 1 sessions, setting this platform apart from the others. With a monthly subscription, classes cost $9.50.

The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper it is. A 3,6 or 12-month subscription will give you classes for $6.75 each, but they do ask for a one-off payment upfront.

Lingoda will teach you how to practice English-speaking online with a focus on how to learn English pronunciation in your speaking.

See the offers now!

5. Verbling

Verbling Sign Up Now

Verbling is another similar site offering a variety of tutors, free trials and flexible lesson commitments.

The tutor pool on Verbling is smaller than other platforms, but with 10,000 tutors available there is still plenty of choice for your English-speaking practice online!

6. Spoken English Practice

Sign Up SEP Now

Willing to spend a little more on online English-speaking learning sites? Head over to Spoken English Practice.

They utilise the full immersion method to help you improve your speaking skills in a matter of weeks. You will be connected with your tutor via Skype instead of an app, keeping it simple and convenient to get English-speaking practice online.

7. English Tutors Online

Sign Up English Tutor Online (ETO) Now!

English Tutors Online (ETO) focuses on real-life English-speaking practice online with more of a corporate twist. So, if your motivation to find online English-speaking learning sites is to get ahead in your career, then you should check out the courses and tutors on ETO. They also have a social media community that you can join for free where you can meet other language learners and get your English-speaking practice free online. Due to their focus on the more corporate, business side of the market, ETO are at the higher end of the pricing bracket. One 60 minute class will cost $36. This price goes down to $33 per class if you buy a package of 20 classes.

Each tutor will have their own style of teaching and each platform their own vibe. Decide what your learning goals are and what time and financial commitment you are able to make. Once you have done this, you are bound to find a suitable style and vibe from the vast choices of sites to help you achieve your learning goals.

Language exchange platforms are completely free online and require no formal subscription or time commitments on your part. The idea behind them is that you connect with other language learners and they will help you with your English-speaking practice online. This is on the proviso that you help them practice their speaking skills in your native language.

8. My Language Exchange

Sing Up My Language Exchange Now

With over 3 million members, My Language Exchange operates like a dating site for students who want to practice their speaking.

Enter your native language, the language you want to practice, what country you would like your language partner to come from, and their age group. This feature will show you all the members who match your search criteria.

Existing members will show you how to practice English-speaking online and how to learn English pronunciation in your speaking.

Once you sign up you will also have access to resources on how to get the most out of your language exchange, lesson plans and access to qualified teachers globally.

9. Easy Language Exchange

Easy Language Exchange allows you to find conversation partners who will speak to you in English, in exchange for you helping them in your native language.

Type in the language you want to learn and your mother tongue, send your chosen speaking partner a language exchange request and you’re off! You also have the option of messaging one of the 100,000 members privately free online.

10. Coffee Strap

Coffee Strap allows you to connect with other language learners from around the world. You select your country of origin, native language and the language(s) you want to learn and you will be matched to learners who want to help you with your English-speaking practice online.

There is an upgrade option on Coffee Strap for $9.99 that increases the number of matches you will be shown, and the number of messages you can send in one day.

None of the language exchange online English-speaking learning sites has a mobile app, so you will need to use your browser to connect and chat.

11-12. Speaky and Tandem

If you are pressed for time with work, study and family commitments, a simple app like Speaky or Tandem would be a great option. They are both language exchange style apps. You find someone who would like to improve their speaking in your native language, and in exchange they will practice speaking English with you. 

Tandem provides a text chat option if you would like your speaking partner to correct any grammar in writing. Tandem also has a translation feature so if you are really lost, you can always use it to find your way through the conversation.

13. Coeffee and English Central

Coeffee Learning Sign Up Now

Not ready to speak to people directly yet? You can try Coeffee or English Central.  Play language games with other language learners online for free at Coeffee or head to English Central for pronunciation practice. 

English Central uses voice recognition software to give feedback on your pronunciation. 

But keep in mind that voice recognition software does not always work perfectly.

Speaking to a real person is always a better option if you want feedback you can rely on.

Final Words

Check out one of the platforms, language exchanges or apps today and get one step closer to your language learning goals.

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