This blog is about learning languages in an effective way with unconventional and non-scholastic approaches.

I recently moved to Germany and faced the challenge to learn German. This is the fourth language that I learn and I start to have an understanding of what works better in language acquisition.

In this blog, I want to share what I learned during the process of learning. In other words, I want to write about the methods that I have found more effective to learn a new language, what I think are the factors that influence language acquisition, why learning languages schools are usually very ineffective, and how we can use creativity to learn languages.

I will write a post for week the next topics will be:

  • Factors that influence language learning
  • Why sometimes is better to learn less but more in-depth
  • Different approaches to language learning
  • How to use improvisation games to learn languages
  • How you can learn languages by shopping or singing
  • How to use visual memory when learning a language
  • Using audiobooks to learn languages
  • How learning languages increase your creativity
  • Who is the best teacher?

I hope you enjoy the journey of learning a languages as much as I do,

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