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Second-language acquisition and motivation: The most important language-learning field you’ve never heard of

The author of this post is from Pat Goodridge, he is a senior at the University ofPennsylvania, where he studies linguistics and works for a Russian teaching site, He loves to study languages and run his Facebook page for linguistics majors, The Linguist Lattice. He hopes to pursue graduate work in Russian Studies. […]

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Is learning a language more similar to the process of learning to play the piano or to the process of learning history? (About learning fast)

Currently, one of the most debated topics in the on-line language-learning community is the amount of time that is necessary to learn a language “fluently”. The debate was partly stimulated by one of the most popular blogs on language learning where Benny, the author of this blog, is now trying […]

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What is this blog about?

This blog is about learning languages in an effective way with unconventional and non-scholastic approaches. I recently moved to Germany and faced the challenge to learn German. This is the fourth language that I learn and I start to have an understanding of what works better in language acquisition. In […]

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