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This has no offline corollary and is economically empowering to so many people. 5. eBay and reallocating existing goods. eBay is actually a little like direct trade.

What I describe above is using a new technology to solve an existing problem.

The grids with issues popped up as a layer over the hologram of the existing battles.

There is no existing MS. of Propertius older than the 12th century.

It is the oldest existing European settlement on the South American continent, having been founded by Diego Castellon in 1523 under the name of Nueva Toledo.

are already mentioned as existing in the account of the mission sent by Nicholas I.

I had a good, frank talk with Mrs. Keller, and explained to her how difficult it was going to be to do anything with Helen under the existing circumstances.

My friends think it very strange that they should hesitate so long, especially when I have not asked them to simplify my work in the least, but only to modify it so as to meet the existing circumstances.

But my guess is that we will be able to do this and even make existing "good" genes perform better.

Stay on the existing trails and roadways, be courteous to other users and remove all trash and equipment.

Stay on the existing trails and roadways, be courteous to other users and remove all trash and equipment.

And experience tells us that power is not merely a word but an actually existing phenomenon.

Aguilar "of the Frontier" was so named in the middle ages from its position on the border of the Moorish territories, which were defended by the castle of Anzur, now a ruin; but the spacious squares and modern houses of the existing town retain few vestiges of Moorish dominion.

Painful relations between father and son, quite apart from the personal antipathies already existing, were therefore inevitable.

It proposes to set forth the genesis of the existing universe from principles which can be plainly Lh understood, and according to the acknowledged laws of the transmission of movement.

Existing marsupials may be divided into three main divisions or sub-orders, of which the first, or Polyprotodontia, is common to America and Australasia; the second, or Paucituberculata, is exclusively South American; while the third, or Diprotodonts, is as solely Australasian inclusive of a few in the eastern Austro-Malayan islands.

The chief success of the government lay in the field of foreign politics, where it prudently avoided entanglement in the ambitious schemes of Hellenistic monarchs, but gained great prestige by energetic interference against aggressors who threatened the existing balance of power or the security of the seas.

The science of jurisprudence regards the state and power as the ancients regarded fire--namely, as something existing absolutely.

In 1551 the tsar submitted to a synod of prelates a hundred questions as to the best mode of remedying existing evils, for which reason the decrees of this synod are generally called stoglav or centuria.

But demands for more lines were constantly arising, and the existing companies, in view of their financial position, were disinclined to undertake their construction.